The main reason I did Captain America was because I wanted to get out of my own head and stop taking my work so seriously. I’d had enough. I was like, “I want to train! I want to be a supergirl! I want a machine gun! I want to look fabulous and be surrounded by hunky bare-chested men! I want to make a movie that people come away from feeling amazing and invincible!

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You’re gonna love Granny though.

tumblr is to the democratic party as fox news is to the republican party


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You got pumpkin guts on your face

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there really isn’t one thing that isn’t perfect about this gif

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someday i want chris evans to be doing an interview with a female costar and left boob grab her whilst laughing

and then i want everyone to just go quiet and chris to just pull back slowly and say “i’m… sorry…. i think…… i have a problem”

MAKE ME CHOOSEbenswhishaws asked chris evans or chris hemsworth?

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